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Company Profile

R.P. Foam was founded in the year 1987. Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers of slabstock P.U. Foam and bonded coir mattresses in India. This has been achieved by our unmatched efforts and focus on quality, innovation and continual improvement. We have a wide area of network in which we have 40 distributors and 3000 dealers. A combination of manufacturing excellence and distribution network has enabled us to get over a very wide portion of the Indian P.U. Foam market share. This has enabled us to serve our customers very effectively.

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Manufacturing facilities

R.P. Group has two manufacturing facilities to produce high quality products for its customers. These facilities are equipped with state of the art European machinery for Slab Stock Foaming, the giant long sheet cutter, Peeler, Mattress maker, Circular cutting machines and Indian foam manufacturing plant as well. For curing we have a humongous space with proper cranes for lifting and shifting the long blocks.

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