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About Us

Manufacturing Facilities

R.P. Group has two manufacturing facilities to produce high quality products for its customers. These facilities are equipped with state of the art European machinery for Slab Stock Foaming, the giant long sheet cutter, Peeler, Mattress maker, Circular cutting machines and Indian foam manufacturing plant as well. For curing we have a humongous space with proper cranes for lifting and shifting the long blocks.

The high pressure foaming machine Ultima Plain Block Top Paper System with Cell Control Technology (CCT) from Opus Technical Ltd of Manchester UK having PLC of Siemen's System for high quality technical & comfort products both in ether and ester as well. Infact Opus Ultima were the first to develop and install the combined high pressure liquid lay down and fall plate technology. They have been at the forefront of the major developments in the polyurethane foam industry for the last 40 years.

Quality Consciousness

R.P. Group is committed to adhere to the highest quality standards. Continuous efforts are made to set newer and higher benchmarks. Extensive quality assurance measures form an integral part of the quality manufacturing systems at R.P. Group. Some of the important tests that are carried out includes tests for hardness, durability, tensile, elongation, compression set, resilience, fire retardancy and air permeability, to name a few.

No wonder, R.P. Group is amongst the few ones to be certified as ISO 9001 and now ISO 9001:2008 for its facilities.

Diversity of Product Range

R.P. Group offers foam products in densities and grades which range from 9 kg/m3 to 65 kg/m3 and for extremely soft to very firm. Besides these the company can also meet specific requirement of discerning customers.

The available range includes PU Foam sheets, rolls and finished blocks under RP Foam brand for Automobile, Footwear, Ship & Aircraft interiors, Furniture, Hi - tech Audio products and many other industries.

R.P. Group also manufacture a wide variety of comfort products like Mattresses, Pillows, Cushion, Sofa & Bed to name only a few, under the 'Dreams' brand. It also includes spring mattresses both in bonnell and pocket as well.

Subsequently R.P. Group has successfully entered the Rubberised Coir Mattress and Sheet Industry, manufacturing coir products for domestic & industrial usages.